My Xmas 2012 List...or My 2012 Predictions.

As the first month of the new year draws to a close, like every other tech pundit, I have the burning need to project whats coming for 2012. Considering how much I love christmas, what better way to make my predictions than making my 2010 Xmas list.

1. 7" Apple iPad - I definitely think Apple will release a 7" version of the iPad this year and it will be priced competitively against the Amazon Kindle Fire. Why do I believe this? Basically there's just too much "money on the table" in the micro-tablet space. I have several Apple Fan friends who want "pads" for their kids but aren't quite willing to spend the extra money for an iPad. Apple has go after this market and protect their market share in this space. (Scoring: 20 points if correct)
- For My Peeps/People (FMPs) - Anyone considering the purchasing of the Kindle Fire...wait till mid year to see what Apple has in this space. Why not. You'll get a more mature device (iOS is 5th generation) and a full ecosystems of books, games et al.

2. Apple HDTV - Ok. I know that Apple has treated the AppleTV product as purely for hobbyists but I definitely think this is the year that Apple steps front and center and produces an AppleHDTV product. Why do I believe this? Basically, it's the timing. There are too many rumors of Apple producing an HDTV product for it not to be true. So clearly, something's cooking in the's just a question when will it be released. The market is ripe for these internet-enhanced media televisions. These products are no longer bleeding edge and I expect to see maturing 2nd generation version of these products at CES. So the time to is now. Is the AppleHDTV totally ready...hmm, I doubt it's up to their level of perfection yet. However, without Steve Jobs I don't think that they have the strength of personality to wait until the product is "just right". (Scoring: 20 points if correct)
- FMPs - If you're an Apple Fan, don't even think about purchasing a HDTV until Summer/Fall. Apple's TV plans for 2012 should be crystal clear by then. Face it, if Apple comes out with a'll be cool and you're gonna want one.

3. Micro-Social Media Exporter - What the heck is that? Ok. I just made that one up, so let me explain it. I believe we will see a rise is micro-social media sites like - Path 2, Instagram, Google+, etc. Facebook is on the road to 1 billion users and it's safe to assume they've won the social media wars for the moment (never forget However, as privacy concerns continue to rise and +100 friend accounts starts to get burdensome and constricting, these micro-social media sites will began to establish a foothold and become more popular. Look for the the merger of specialized micro-social media, like Instagram and Path 2.0 to grow into healthy competition for Facebook. (Scoring - 10 points for significant growth of Path 2 and Google plus, 10 points for the merger of any two or more micro-social media sites.)
- FMPs - If too many friends is constraining and making you share less or not at all. The micro-social media sites like Path are here to stay and just what you need for more personal interaction with your close friends.

4. A Tricorder Health and Fitness App - Finally, my own personal tricorder. That's right StarTrek fans the early tricoder prototypes will be out this year...kinda. This is the year that your phone/media device will also allow you to keep close track of your personal health and fitness. The emergence of Health APIs like those available in Runkeeper, Nike+ and Fitbit will facilitate this trend. Developers will began to utilize these APIs to add a significant level of tricoder "goodness" to your phone. They may even go as far as allowing you to tie it in with your medical records. 10 points for significant growth, 5 points if someone really relates their product to a tricorder.
- FMPs - Look to purchase one of the health monitoring devices this year to help track and monitor your health and fitness..

5. Window Phone FTW! - For the last year and a half, I have being saying "Google is the new Microsoft, Microsoft is the new "Black" and Apple is, of course, Apple". The new "Black"...what does that mean? Well basically that means, the sleeping behemoth that is Microsoft is awakening from its slumber...ravenous for the mobile market. This is the year the Microsoft will totally eat RIM's lunch or anyone else who is eyeing the number 3 spot for mobile phones. There is only enough room for 3 spots when it comes to mobile phone mind share. The current list - 1) iPhone, 2) Android and 3) Blackberry will be - 1) iPhone, 2) Android and 3) Windows Phone by the end of 2012. (My scoring/points system - (20 points for the Microsoft Phone be touted as one of the top 3 phones in growth and popularity by any of the top reputable trade rags.)
- FMPs - For the die-hard windows fans. There is a great alternative phone thats has a full ecosystem (like the iphone) to integrate with.

Ok. Thats it for me. You've seen my predictions and my scoring/point system. Any more of the "AtMyThoughts"-ers (@mhbjr and @Sybil_B) willing to make predictions...or anyone else for that matter. But don't forget to add your scoring/point system.