With furrowed brows and a feral smile
A breathy pant and a throaty growl!
All haunched on fours as if to prowl
his head tilts back in a piercing howl!

Hey hey you say! That is not quite
the kind of peep that Locks is...right?!
He does not have the 'New Moon' blight!
He growls and barks but not for fright.

Imagine now..if you were he
And saw all things as he doth see

With Locks With Curls, a smile, a growl
With bad bad car, a pant, sigh, scowl.

Out the door to start the day
U'd greet all peeps in a canine way

Pant! Snarl, Bark! Could you not find
A lane to merge, that is not mine!

Pant! Pant! Yelp! I'm sorry bro!...
I copped your lane & slowed your flow!

Arf!! Woof! Woof!! Oh morning crew
Let's take a break & grab some brew!

Snarl!! Growl!! Bark!! Oh crazy boss
Yours plans in Dec, I'm gonna toss

Woof! woof! woof! Oh Pack that pants!
To crazy tunes and workout rants!!

Arf! Woof! Arf! To those who find
The time to share their 'wags' online!

That's how the day would go for you
You'd bark and woof at peeps you knew!
Perhaps a snarl or growl or two!
For those who do what they should not do!

The peeps will go, as the sun sets low
You'll miss their energy and all that flo'!
Throw back your head in a primal croon!
And like a wolf...Howl at the Moon!

  ~ Facebook Timeline - 2009:11:24 


Ok, so whats the tech angle here?  Well, I'm a big Dr. Suess fan, so in 2009 I wrote a Suess-ish poem every Tuesday on my Facebook status for the entire year.  When I heard about Facebook Timelines I thought it was a pretty clever idea and it would be a cool way to highlight a few of my entries.  As it turns out,  when I looked back through my statuses many of the poems were gone...eaten by Facebook's dog, i guess.  At this point, I'm really glad I pulled them out of Facebook and published them in a kindle book for fun in early 2010.  Today, I figured I'd have a little crossover instagram #febphotoaday fun and republish one of my favorites 'at my thoughts'...with some graphics.