Help Us, Oprah Wan Kenobi...Beyond Consumption Junction.

I woke up the other morning thinking about how all the new innovative internet companies make money. I'm sure that sounds strange but its true. I think it was brought about by FaceBook's recent IPO, wherein we got a peak into how the social media behemoth (with valuation rumors upwards of $70B) actually makes all it's money. I just could not shake the thought that at the end of the day, FaceBook is just like that other 800-pound gorilla,'s all about advertising and human consumption. We all hear about how these new companies are disrupting the status quo, killing off TV, radio and reshaping our reality but in the end when all is said and done it pretty much the same ol' trick...advertise stuff for human consumption.

Honestly, it kinda makes me whisper under my breath (because I'd hate to be caught saying this out loud)..."Where's Oprah?". I'm serious! Why? Well, during the heyday of talk shows, the Oprah Winfrey Show was just one of many talk shows that sensationalized the base/bad behavior of humans. You remember, each week there was a new story of some human doing some wacky unbelievable thing to another human or a group of humans. This went on for some time until *it* happened, Oprah flipped the script; she said she would only talk about the goodness of people and how we can really help each other...Angel networks, et al. Although I didn't recognize it at the time, Oprah had taken an evolutionary (Noble-esque) leap beyond her peers and done something truly innovative...leaping past the old talk show model based on human vices to a model based on the uplifting elements of the human spirit. This new paradigm proved wildly successful and now we see these kinds of shows everywhere.

We need that same kind of innovative thought today in the internet arena. Amidst this global sea of information, knowledge and connectivity...we're still stuck at the junction of advertising and human consumption; the model of the past. We need someone to help us go beyond that model. Dare I say it, "Help Us, Oprah Wan Kenobi" us go beyond this Consumption Junction!

Consumption Junction
(Sung to the tune of Conjunction Function)

Consumption Junction what's your function
Hooking up people and Ad-ver-tisers

Consumption Junction how's that function
I got 2 big hooks that get most of my job done
Consumption junction what's their function
I got likes and +1s to pimp out your data
Tweets that's for twitter tweet this and tweet that
"Likes" that's for Facebook I like this and that.
And then theres +1 when I googled this or that

Consumption Junction lets see "Likes" function
When I "like" stuff then facebook pimps it
Advertiser pay and before you know it
You see ads just for you

Consumption Junction how does +1 function
When peeps +1 stuff then google pimps it
By tailoring your search with ads made from it
And you search results have ads made for you.

Consumption Junction what's your function
Hooking up peeps and Ad-ver-tisers.