Now that the new iPad is out, I'm confident that at least one of my friends is going to purchase one and within the first couple of hours after purchasing it they will ask..."Hey, Tech Guy of the People, what apps should I get?" Well, ok they will probably just say "Hey Tony,..." but you get the idea. They want to know what are some of the must have apps for their shiny new iPad. Having lived through this on multiple occasions I figured it would be best if i just posted my thoughts here. So here we go, here are my favorite iPad apps, as I've separated them into categories for convenience.

iPad Apps 

  • USAToday - My hands-down winner for my news app. Their design and development staff really understand how to make a news paper look and feel good on a multimedia device like the iPad. 
  • Notability - This is a great tool for creativity. Sometimes you need to write a little bit, draw a little bit, type a little bit...just collect some thoughts and brainstorm.
  • Digits - Surprisingly, finding a good calculator app on the iPad is not quite as easy as one would think. Digits is a nice, simple yet powerful my not be chocked full of scientific or business functions but it great for tabulating/totaling a list of items.
  • Flipboard - Just get it...nuff said! This app turns all of your feeds - Facebook, Twitter, Google News, etc. into a beautiful magazine.
  • Comixology - If you're a comic books fan (and let's face it who isn't) this is one amazingly innovative comic book reader. In my opinion, this is one example where reading on the iPad *far* surpasses the actual book (comic book). This is just the beginning of something really great!
  • iBooks - You pretty much have to have this quintessential book reader on your iPad...just to because it's cool. Now with the addition of text books, etc. The experience will only get better.
  • Zinio - Yes. I know apple has Newstand, but frankly I find newstand abit clunky and confusing. If you want full copies of your favorite magazine on you iPad for me this is the best option.
  • iPhoto - This app is chocked full of features. If you're anything less than I professional image artist than look no further than iPhoto. This app contains a smorgasborg of image editing features and effects.
  • SketchBookPro - Just as iPhotos is for pictures, SketchBookPro is for drawings and illustrations. Personally, I find that I need both of these apps to fulfill my creative needs.
  • PhotoShop Touch (pstouch) - Hmm, I know what you're thinking. Why do I need 3 image-related apps. Well "It's complicated"! Nah, not really...this is the app you need for all those fancy tricks you see in online photos (instagram et al). Whenever I want to cutout shapes, colorize and add other effects, this is my "goto" application.
  • Netflix - Honestly, I never imagined that I would what so much video on the iPad, but the Netflix app makes watching old tv shows and movies addictive. For those rainy, lazy morning where you're feeling a bit under the weather this app is impossible to beat.
  • Xfinity - For the Comcast folks out there, this is a must-have app for watching back episodes of you favorite TV show/series; it's also very handy for remote programming of your DVR.
  • FruitNinjaHD - Yeah, I know everyone has "AngryBirds on the Brain" but FruitNinjaHD for the iPad is crazy fun, plus you can go head-to-head with a friend...Sweet!

iPhone Apps

  • USAToday - What more is there to's just as good on the iphone as it is on the iPad.
  • Stitcher - This is probably my most used iPhone application.  I listen to a lot of podcasts during my daily commute and Stitcher has a convenience User-Interface that allows me to find, subscribe and listen to all by my favorite podcast with little or no fuss.
  • Spotify - Ok. If you're a music's kinda hard to pass up this deal.  Spotify mobile is not free, it's cost $9.99 / month but for that price you get unlimited access to *millions* of songs.  All the lastest hits, the newest get the picture.  Even better, you can build playlist with your friends! I really can't say enough about this app/service.  IMHO, it's definitely worth $10/month.
  • Flixster - For the movie lover, you always need an app that lets you know what's playing at the theatres near you.  Flixster is a good/solid app for movie goers that also lets them buy tickets online.
  • The Weather Channel (TWC) - Lets face it, you must have at least one weather app on your smartphone.  The TWC app is from the venerable weather channel.  Get it. 'nuff said.
  • Instagram - There's something about this app that "makes the world a smaller place"...viewing random pictures of other people around the world is strangely capitivating;  plus having other people view and like your pictures is gratifying and fun. Try'll see.
  • Snapseed - A quick no-nonsense, easy to use photo-editing tool.
  • Starbucks - If you are a starbucks fan and a smartphone probably already have this app.  If you don't...get will save you money and you get "free drink" rewards.
  • Flipboard - Same as above, it's a little better on the iPad but it's still a great/must-have app
  • ESPN Sports Center - The quintesential sport channel has an can't pass that up!
  • Path - Path is a micro-social media app/site that lets you share pictures, status, music and more with a small group of friends. Hmm, this is basically Facebook for your *real* friends.  Although I have a Facebook account, I'm not comfortable sharing all of my significant life moments with all those Facebook friends...and I don't feel like curating my friend lists.  So Path is just the right app for me, allowing me to share particular events with my family (and only my closest friends).
  • SoundHound - Ocassionally you hear a song and can't quite remember the name or the artist.  SoundHound to the rescue; just press a button and SoundHound will analyze the song and give you all the details - the name, the artist, the year, the album...even links to the iTunes store to purchase the song.
  • Audible - Hmm, I'm kinda convinced that audiobooks aren't for every one; personally I love them...they help make commutes and long drives fun.  If you're in the group of people that *love* good to yourself and subscribe to  They have over 100,000 audiobooks so you're bound to find you favorite book, series and/or author.