The iPhone camera's "Panorama" view really fascinates me; it ocassionally does some really cool...albeit unintentional stuff.  Here are a few examples.

The Replicator

I was at a Washington Wizards game earlier this year and I took a panoramic picture (from the nose-bleed section) soak in NBA atmosphere and post it to my instagram page.  At first glance, after I took the picture I realized something was 'off' but it didn't really register because I was too busy paying attention to the game.  Once I got home and took a closer look at the picture I was baffled.  I was fairly confident I took the shot during the actually game (in fact, it was during a fastbreak) but based on all the players on the court in the picture it looked like the picture was taken at halftime or something.  Then I looked a little closer...and I encourage you to do the same (see below).  Although it looks like there are 14 LA Clippers (the team in the red) on the court, there are really only 5 LA Clippers on the court.  What you are seeing a quirky side effect of the "Panoramic-view" algorithm trying to stitch together the live action scene.  Pretty cool stuff...I'm calling this effect - The Replicator (for obvious reasons).


Ripping the Fabric of Space-Time

Just recently, I was at the beach in Daytona about to go for a run and I thought..."Man. this would be a nice panoramic shot"...followed by another thought "I wonder what'd happen if I took a panoramic shot into the sun...I bet that'd be cool".  Note how I speak to myself in contractions...c'mon...everyone does...right?  The resulting image was like something out of a sci-fi movie where someone or thing is 'Ripping the Fabric of Space-Time".  I like it!  The only thing missing is an interdimensional ship or creature coming through into our reality.  I wish I knew how to make the "Panorama" view do that.  Hmm, perhaps not...that always seems to end badly.

pix_trix_2 copy.JPG

Dimming the Lights

This final shot is my current favorite; it looks like a post card.  Believe it or not, I took this picture a few moments after the shot above which means it was about 9:00 in the morning.  Pretty unexpected and amazing, right.  Ok here are the "FX" details - I started the shot facing the sun and then slowly panned away towards shore/hotels.  I am not a photo-enthusiast/expert but I assume this effect has something to do with the Panoramic-view's light exposure must have been working really hard at "Dimming the Light" as it was trying to stitch together such a drastic change is the amount of light coming through the lens as I panned from direct sunlight to normal sunlight.  Hmm, actually that sounds pretty good/plausible...perhaps I am a photo-enthusiast/expert :^]


I'm sure there are plenty more "Panorama Pix Tricks" to be discovered...give it a shot and let me know what you find.