A Little Bit of Quality Time...with the Apple Watch

I received my apple watch in mid-may and since I don't get to wear it everyday because of work (and no I am not a StarBucks Barista)...I was pretty excited to try it out on my trip down to Florida.  Four glorious days with my latest apple toy...sweet! Ok...so here are just a few of my experiences along the way.

Day 1 - Departure From Baltimore

Airport Arrival - On the way out, once we arrived at the airport I received a location notification containing my flight information - basically it was the boarding pass and a QR code.  I have to admit was not expecting it and it was a nice surprise.  During a moment of reflection I had a few thoughts on what I liked best and how to improve the experience.

  • Pros - It was great not having to dig into my pocket or pull out my phone to get my flight details. Additionally, the boarding information with the QR code was readily available on the watch...very nice!
  • Cons - Ok...so we arrived at the airport almost too late for our flight. We went to the terminal and moments later, due to the line, we decided to go checkin with the SkyCap.  Funny thing, as we checked our bags with the Skycap he said "One minute later and we would have been booked for the next flight".  Hmm,  it would if have nice if the Apple Watch had suggested that we check our bags with SkyCap due to our late arrival at the Airport. A bit of location arrival information correlated with airport policy would have been nice.

A morning cafe from Starbucks - I always need to start my flight with a bit of caffeine.  So I dropped by the Airport Sbux and I stepped up to the barista scrolled to the passport app on my apple watch...brought up the scan code and paid for my fancy latte :^]

Walgreens -  Once I arrived in Fort Lauderdale, I needed to pick up a few knik knacks and toiletries.  We stopped by the local Walgreens and I bought a few items and paid with Apple Pay on the watch; it was very convenience and I'm getting use to it.  

Days 2 & 3 - Nothing to report

Most of my time was spent with friends so there were not many moments to use the watch...except to demonstrate it to my friends.  As you might expect, most people thought it was cool but a little self indulgent...I'm ok with that :^]

Day 4 - Departure from Fort Lauderdale 

At the Airport - On my way out during the TSA pre-checkin I had all my flight details on the Apple Watch and the TSA personnel scanned the QR code and let my through after a few comments about me being "fancy and showing off"...damn straight I am...this is cool!

Several moment later (we checked in early this time)...I walked to the boarding gate and the attendant scanned my code on the watch and I was off to the flight...very convenient! 

  • Pros - Hmm...no complaints...it was very convenient, efficient and speedy.
  • Cons - It would have been nice to get an haptic notification take it was time for me to board the plane...based on my boarding pass (seat number etc).


Well I did not intend for this to be a review of the Apple Watch...its more about a day in the life experience with it.   What is there to say...I really like the Apple Watch (as any fanboy would)...it was very easy and convenient to use.