Ok this is a small or medium rant because I have had several conversations this last week about technology destroying the human condition.  In fact,  so much so that it has led me to coin the term “Stupid, Low Energy, Under-employed Humans" or SLUH.  One would use it in a sentence like “Hey Sluh, what you doin’?”

Ok, seriously though, I mean thats basically the argument I hear over and over…so let me define the acronym and then get on to explain in detail why we do not have to fear the SLUH Apocalypse! 

  • Stupid - Technology is making us/humans stupid, calculators, the internet…omg!
  • Low Energy - Technology is making us lazy…just get up and change the channel you lazy human!
  • Under-employed - Technology like drones, driverless cars, robots are taking our well paying jobs!
  • Human - Technology is antithetical to humans…so take off that damn prothesis and deal with life, you whiner!

Stupid - Technology is not making humans stupid.  Yeah, I know the calculator has probably ruin a few multiplication memorization tricks but that's just not a big deal. So what if I can't remember 11x12 by rote...I can always compute it.  Compare this lack of multiplication memorization with the data visualization that is now available with math packages on the computer (or calculator/smartphone) like - the visualization of a the area under a under, as well as, the derivative of a point on the curve.  Having visual images of these concepts is phenomenal force multiply when it comes to learning and understanding complex or abstract concepts.  Humans with these kinds of computer-aid learning tools are smarter...not doubt about it.

Low Energy - Well it is kind of hard to argue with life being easier, sheesh! Ok...I'll engage